AMP SuperSeal 34 pin connector 4-1437290-0


34 pin ECU Connector version B, used on Link, Motec, DTA, Haltech, Yamaha and Suzuki ECUs

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34 pin ECU Connector version B, used on ECU:

  • MoTeC (ECU) - M130, M142, M150, M84, M400, M600, M800
  • MoTeC Power Distribution Module (PDM) - PDM15, PDM30
  • Motec Expansion Box - E888
  • Motec Dash Logger - CDL3, C125, C127, C1212
  • DTA (ECU) - S40, S60, S80, S100
  • Link (ECU) (Connector A) - Link G4+ Atom / Storm / Fury / Xtreme / Thunder
  • Haltech (ECU) - E2500T, E2500, E2000, E1500, E1000, E750
  • Yamaha - YZF-R1 (07'-11'), YZF-R6 (06'-14')
  • Suzuki - GSXR1300 Hayabusa ECU (99'-07')

Il connector is known as "B" version, has only a slot on the bottom side (pic 3)

Please check if you need this one or the "A" version you can find it here

Kit comes complete with connector and 34 pins

This connector can be found as TE Connectivity, AMP or TYCO brand. AMP and TYCO are sub-brands of TE Connectivity.

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