Mx5 ND and Fiat Abarth 124 Active Bonnet Delete Kit


Mx5 ND and Fiat Abarth 124

Say goodbye to the annoyance of your Active Bonnet system with our Active Bonnet Delete Kit!

Designed specifically for the Mx5 ND, Fiat 124, and Abarth 124, our kit allows you to disable the Active Bonnet system with ease.

Enjoy a smooth ride without worrying about a false deployment!

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Mx5 ND and Fiat Abarth 124 Active Bonnet Delete Kit


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This deleters let you disable the active bonnet system by disconnecting the actuating pistons:
  • no lamps on your dashboard
  • ecus are happy
  • you'll never issue a bonnet popping during a trackday, over curbs or hard braking
Random bonnet popping is a real issue among MX5 ND owners, so, at least during trackdays or closed road events you can avoid a fliyng bonnet and subsequent repair costs (actual cost north of 3000€).
As any safety system alteration THIS IS ONLY FOR TRACKDAY/CLOSED ROAD COURSES, as it can avoid your car insurance and more important cause injurings to pedestrians!!!


Included is a pair of deleters using exact same connector as OEM, just unplug your bonnet pistons and connect these, no mods to your car harness!
We also include zipties and instructions link to install neatly in your engine compartment.
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