Mx5 NA Trigger wheel conversion harness


Mx5 NA Trigger wheel conversion harness

Now you can change the stock 30ish year old stock Injector harness to upgrade, solve electrical gremlins, interface to new injectors or simply to spice up your engine bay look

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Mx5 NA Trigger wheel + CAS conversion harness

With this harness you'll be able to fit a trigger wheel (Mx5 NB Style) and retain the stock CAS to have a Cam signal, this conversion helps with spark advance resolution and engine smoothness.

Many tests show that stock CAS system, although reliable, has a positioning error up to +/-7% (using a Megasquirt MS3); with a 36-2 trigger wheel this error lowers to +/-2%

This harness uses stock style connectors, and it's meant to use a stock Mx5 NB/NBFL crank sensor.

Can be used with a 4 tooth trigger wheel (like the Mx5 NB one) or a 36-2 model (Like the Flying Miata one)

This harness is custom made, so we can modify lenght and finish color.

Standard finish is black heatshrink, we can also oversleeve the long wire with high quality mesh sleeving. Sleeve color catalog is huge, so it's better to ask prior to buy.

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